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Lego Western - Modular Saloon


Hello fellow builders!

I present to you my Lego Modular Saloon, made in LDD. The saloon features 2 floors; the bar and a balcony watching over the bar. The bar is stuffed; there's obviously the bar itself, but also two tables with chairs, a painting and buffalo head on the wall, a lot of bottles and glasses and a black piano next to the fancy stairs. Next to the bar (under the stairs), there's a backdoor leading outside. At the back of the building we can also find a ladder which allows our cowboy-minifigs to climb onto the roof and access the water tower. In total, the set has about 2200 pieces.

If you like my creation, don't hesitate to support it and leave a comment!

(I might order the bricks and create the first real model myself, but since I've never ordered bricks separately before this might take some time (and money)


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