Eleventh Doctor Console Room Playset

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Man the TARDIS console and turn on the parking brake! It's time to save the universe!

Welcome to the official page for the Eleventh Doctor Console Room Playset on LEGO Cuusoo!

Would you like to see one of your favorite Time Lords and his trusty Type 40 TARDIS forever embodied in the wonderful world of LEGO as an official set?

If so, here's what you can do to help:
-Click the green 'SUPPORT' button towards the upper right area of the page! It'll add you to the list of supporters and it's free!
-Share, share, share! The more people that know about this project, and all the other amazing projects here on Cuusoo, the better!

The goal of this project is to create a Doctor Who themed playset based off the images provided. The playset wouldn't be as elaborate as this, but it would certainly be enough to allow you to travel through the time vortex with a companion or two!

If you're unable to support this project, it would be greatly appreciated if you were to share this among various networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Blogspot, etc! Any sort of support is always beneficial in the longevity of this project!

Perhaps if you have any extra free time while roaming through cool projects here on Cuusoo, you could check out some of the other amazing Doctor Who projects!

Thank you for your support and be sure to stay wibbley-wobbley!

x Connor Hayward