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Kids Next Door: Sector v Headquarters

Kids Next Door, Battle Stations!!!
This is a LEGO Replica of the Sector V Headquarters from the popular Cartoon Network show "Codename Kids Next Door". The show was created by Thomas Edward "Tom" Warburton or AKA ‎Mr. Warburton, who is also known for creating an animated short called "Kenny and the Chimp". The series was about a group of kids who run a worldwide agency called "The Kids Next Door" or KND for short, and their objective is to help save other kids from adult tyranny and stop evil adults from using stereotypical parental ways to take over the world.  

Info: Sector V Headquarters consists of 5 levels, each level with different rooms and balcony walkways.
1st floor: The 1st floor is Numbah 1's house which the base of the tree sits upon with a stairway that leads to the main headquarters.
2nd floor: The 2nd floor has 3 rooms, Numbah 5, 4, and 3's rooms. Numbah 5's room has a furnace with chocolate and candy on top, a pink couch, and a table with the Fourth Flavor Ice Cream. Numbah 4's room consists of a boxing ring with a robot boxer and a weapons rack. Numbah 3's room is full of stuffed animals and plushies, she even has a bed resembling a giant teddy.
3rd floor: The 3rd floor has a balcony with a giant boat facing up along with its anchor dangling on the side. As well as 2 rooms, Numbah 2's room/vehicle hanger and a break room, Numbah 2's room has a landing pad in the room where the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. lands, Numbah 2's bed made from a part of a fighter jet, and a small table with 3 soda bottles and 2 cups. The break room area has a table with nachos, a cheese dispenser on the ceiling, a water fountain with turnips scattered across the floor including Lice, and a cockpit area made from a part of a spaceship.
4th floor: The 4th floor has a walkway area full of defense systems such as a turret, a rubber-band food flinger, and a remote-control blaster. There is also a weapons rack under the stairs leading to Numbah 1's room on the left side of the balcony and Numbah 5's candy stash on the right side of the balcony.
5th floor: The 5th floor is Numbah 1's room where the Kids Next Door are summoned when there's a mission or announcement from Numbah 1. It is full of control panels and even has a holographic scanner that is connected to their satellite which they use to detect any threats around their area.
Characters and Vehicles: 
Characters: They include Numbah 1, Numbah 2, Numbah 3, Numbah 4, Numbah 5, Father, and a buildable robot boxer and Turnip Monster.
Vehicles: They include the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. (Shabby Camper Actually Makes Perfect Emergency Rescue-mabob) and D.A.R.T. (Dairy Accelerated Rocket Thingy)

The reason I built this set is that I grew up watching the Kids Next Door as a kid and I remember how every time I get back home from school, I would always go straight to the TV to watch the show on Cartoon Network. It made me forget my day at school and focus on the good moments from the show that inspires me to this day!

I think this would make a great LEGO set because the show has something not only for kids to enjoy but something for teens and adults to remember as they grow up. The show inspires kids to go out and make friends, spend time with them, and even live their childish adventures before the day they reach the age of 13. It is one of those LEGO sets for children to play with and young adults to relive their childhood and make them feel like a kid again. So let's help people relive the good old days and make Mr. Warburton happy and proud!

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