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Teenage Band


One Heart, One Band

This band is formed by teenagers who loves to share their music to the world. They want to spread their love in the form of music through world tours. Every member comes from a different background and plays a different musical instrument, yet are able to perform seamlessly which makes them garner a lot of fans around the world.

Introduction of members

  • Vocalist, with a microphone in hand, her sweet voice will mesmerise your soul
  • Guitarist, any type of guitar in his hand, he is able to rock your soul
  • Drummer, no matter what beats, he never missed it
  • Pianist, approach her if you ever need to get a different versions of song melody


A concert-like setup, with 2 speakers at the corner, 2 lights machine, various musical instrument and comes with additional music accessories, and not to forget the fresh bouquet of flowers given by the fans. Another highlight would be the base plate, by using opaque, it creates a glass floor-feel which makes it similar to a real-life concert. 

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