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Offroad 6X6 Truck

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As the 6x6 truck is already a pretty old topic, I am trying to bring some innovations in this MOC:

1.Asymmetric axle layout like the real thing,
2.Linear actuator driven steering,
3.Steering link parts are used to implement drive shaft.

The linear actuator driven steering is quite successful and it proves to be more reliable than gear rack driven steering.

The other conventional features include:

1.Two-speed manual gear box,
2.Pendular suspension for each axle,
3.V4 fake engine,
4.Functioning steering wheel,
5.LED head and tail lights,
6.Hood, doors can be opened.

The driving power is provided by two XL motor and steering power is provided by one M motor, one IR receiver is applied.

Size of the MOC is 52(L) X 24(W) X 26(H) and weight is around 2200g. In low gear ratio mode it can climb up the slope of around 20 degree, which you will see in the

For more detailed photos please check the mocpages link

Side view

Top view

Chassis with three independent drive shafts

Linear actuator driven steering

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