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No 55 Argonaut - Hovercar Racer

Hovercar Racer is an amazing story written by Australian author, Matthew Reilly, that is based on a futuristic racing concept, turning F1 racers into Hovercars. One particular anecdote that the author included in an acknowledgement at the start of the book always stuck with me, the imagery of a grown man surrounded by parts to make his concept of a Hovercar come to life. Hence, I tried my hand at the same image, but with LEGO.

With the help of fellow builder and collaborator Rango, we present Hovercar No 55 - Argonaut. Supported by the team, Jason Chaser, The Bug and Sally McDuff.

This model is a tribute to the amazing stories written by Matthew Reilly and aims to give his fans a display piece to accompany their books.

For those who are not familiar with the original novel, This LEGO model is a piece that will certainly be relevant in our near future, technology is moving rapidly in the real world hovercar arena.

This is a collaboration between myself and LEGO Ideas user @Rango - parts of Rango's F1 model have been used with express written permission.

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