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Mini Lego Chess Set


Video tutorial available

Video tutorial I made is now up on youtube. If my comical voice is annoying just watch with the volume off ;)
Thanks for your support! -CrogDog


Examples for alternate colors and themes! (Space, Medieval, etc)

Hello all! Glad that most everyone seems to like my mini chess set <3

When it comes to Lego, they've always ensured that we've had many of great rivalries within many of their themes...So maybe a standard chess set isnt for you? Or maybe you dont have all of the correctly colored pieces required to build my standard chess set? Well no problem! Here a few examples of chess pieces that are colored in various Lego themes! The board could easily be made to display the iconography of your favorite Lego themes on the side, with your favorites battling a game of wits on top! Go wild and build it to suit your tastes!


Blacktron versus Magnetron!

Space Police versus Ice Planet!Dragon Knights versus Wolfpack!Aquazone versus Aquasharks!

Have fun and happy building! I would love to see anyone elses Lego chess sets, and if anyone builds one with custom colors or themes I would love to see that! 


Minor change to Rook pieces

I decided to modify the Rook piece a little bit, I took away the 1x1 clip tile as the top piece and replaced it with a 1x1 round plate with a 1x1 tile on top. I think it portrays the rook's castle/rampart like shape a bit more accurately. This also ensures that the entire back row of pieces stands noticeably higher than the row of pawns (as real chess pieces would!)