Product Idea

The Knights' Expedition


One day, during a seaside walk, a knight, who is called the first knight, sees on the horizon beyond the sea a strange form. Was it an island, an unknown land, a hallucination? He decides to go back there at night and after a long wait, he distinguishes like lights that turn on and off.

The next day, he gather these best soldiers nicknamed the knights of the golden lily.

After a long discussion between them, they decide on an expedition to this unknown earth to discover what lies behind this mystery.

They buy a boat in the best naval carpenter in the country and hire a captain with his crew to navigate this difficult sea. What the brave knight and his soldiers do not know is that the captain and his crew are planning a mutiny to steal their boat.

What's going to happen ? Will the knight and his soldiers survive? Will they succeed in accomplishing their missions and find this new unknown earth?



In creating this project, I wanted it to be as realistic as possible while keeping the possibility for children to play with the elements that have real functions.

A foldable ramp.

A wedge to store food.

A wedge to store drinking water.

2 stairs to go to the back of the boat.

A large scale for the mast.

A mobile rudder.

A wheel to go up or down the anchor of the boat.

Number of parts with minifigs : 1250

Minifigs : 8

Animals : 2 horses, 2 seagulls with a egg, 3 crabs, 2 starfishes , 2 clams.

This model was built using LEGO digital designer.



Length: 44,6 cm
Width: 25,5 cm
Height: 33 cm


Thank you in advance to all those who will support this project.


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