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The Munsters


The Munsters was an American televison sitcom that ran from 1964-66. 

I was inspired by the show as a young child and still watch the re-runs today, which I still find hysterical. They just don't make that type of slapstick comedy anymore, the show itself is now a pop culture time capsule. I also drew inspiration from a set of the Adam's family, which hit 10,000 votes here at Ideas, as well as a Munsters roadster build someone did about a year back. The Adma's family set was amazing at 7200 pieces and was perhaps submitted before the piece count rule.

This set is 2999 pieces, as its very important to me to stay under that 3000 piece limit so as I can submit here at Lego Ideas, and I will provide video proof in a revision later via the Lego Digital design program if this set is approved.

It includes again the 5 family members and Spot the Dragon.

Note the stair case is hinged and flips up just like on the show, and behind it you will find Spot the Dragon as seen in image number 6. In image 7 you can see Grandpa's labratory behind that.


Mini figures inlcuded.

1. Herman Munster.

2. Lilly Munster.

3. Grandpa Munster.

4. Marylin Munster.

5. Eddie Munster.

6. The family pet- Spot the dragon.

Considering this show is about to be 54 years old, it has earned its spot in pop culture history and I truly believe it deserves to be a Lego set. I also think this set has much playability, and would display well and fit right into any Lego city diorama.

Thanks as always and have a great new years!

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