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Lego Forts


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Okay hi this is a game that all kids, teenager ,and adults will want to play!! So,tell me what you think!! After reading it of course.

The colors of the game's teams are red, blue, yellow,and white. You have a mini figure as your board player on a normal square pad. This is a 2 to 4 player board game. Me and my brother Wade made it. the point of the game is to capture the other players forts or get them to surrennder.  You always start off with 4 health. But you get to pick a perk at the beginning of the game were you can pick from these 4 classes. The weapons all do the same damage of 1 attack.

  • knight-class/ 1 sword/perk- plus 1 armor health 
  • archer-class/ 1 crossbow/perk-shot long ranges of 10 studs
  • wizard-class/1 staff/perk-can heal self(or team member) if you roll a even number
  • thief-class 1/ dagger/perk-can jump over the enemy wall by rolling a even number. (look at rules at bottom of description to understand)


When fighting monsters or players to get loot such as

  • weapons- depend on your roll on the dice also there are 5 classes (class 1 weapons do 1 attack damage ,class 2 do 2 damage and so forth) 
  • shields that protect you from player or monster attackers before being destroyed and going back to the proper area in the treasure chests they do as much defense as the class they came from class 1 does 1 defense, class 2 does 2 defense and so on.
  • Armor- same as the shield excepted you can keep for the rest of the game just have to return to your fort or forts depending on the amount of players playing.( chest plat-3 armor,and all helmets 1 armor health)                                                                                                                                    to get these you have 1 dice that you role once and after you kill a player or monster (or the chest see below) if you get a  1-nothing 2 you get from the 1st section, 3 the 2nd section , 4 the 3rd section, 5 the 4th and 6 the 5th section.(you can only get class 5 gear by killing the dragon or player) Everything else you get by killing any monster. So if you kill a normal monster and you role a six you can get the class four not five since you did not kill a dragon or player. When you do kill a monster the person to your right gets to chose wear he puts it to revive. 

Your wall can defend against all monster player can jump the wall by rolling a 6(unless if you are a thief were it is only 4-6 to jump the wall) which you have to do to attack them in there base. 

  • Now there is the chests out in the middle of the board around the high ground, they are the same as the monsters and the player except you don't have to kill them to to get loot and the rolling applies the same except that you role only once and 1 and 2 gives you class four. Then a 3 and 4 gives you class 5 gear. Lastly a 5 and 6 gives you class five.
  • The only thing is about the chests are that when they are used they disappear (removed) from the board

Now for the monsters there are bats, goblins, snakes, dragons, rats, and spiders they all have different health and attack but it can be changed if to hard to beat,or to easily beaten. When you start to attack a monster you role to see which attacks first. Odd = monster, Even = player

  • bats-3 health / 1 attack
  • spider-2 health / 2 attack
  • rats-3 health / 1 attack
  • snakes-2 health / 4 attack
  • goblins-4 health / 2 attack
  • owl-4 health / 3 attack
  • dragons- 6 health / 4 attack (warning most dangerous creature in the game do not attempt to attack without good gear!!)

there should be a few more monsters then you see in the picture but we do not have that many. This is how many there should be.

  • 4 bats
  • 4 spiders
  • 3 rats
  • 2 snakes
  • 2 goblins
  • 3 owls
  • 1 dragon

Now for the boring part the rules. luckily there are few.(because up above is the rest of the rules)

  • when you die you can ether die if attacked in fort or revive on the top tower if died attacking or out in the open
  • must roll 6 to jump over enamy wall
  • archer can shoot to 10 but once past 5 you must role even. 5-10 studs is the point were you must role a even to hit your target. (only shoot once per turn)
  • to heal go to fort or be a wizard to heal self but armor must be repaired at fort
  • can't attack fort if nobody is there
  • you can only shoot players from your fort
  • when your fort is taken over you revive at the globe in the center of the map from there you must take back your fort or someone's else's. 
  • the globe in the center of the map lets you change your starting perk. must role 6 to achieve (role once per turn and counts as turn)
  • you do still revive even without a fort
  • when you lose your fort whoever defeated you gets there weapon of choice from your inventory
  • when you surrender you can not come back in that game


There is also a avatar for each player they show what armor you have and what weapon you have. Also you are given a barrel to hold your weapons neatly in a inventory so to speak.


Thanks for your time and tell me what you think and support.