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Coffee Café


"Coffee Café" is a small shop that has five 4x6 windows, a clear glass door, and a 4x2 opening window for a drive through. There is no seating, but there is a 5x3 serving table, with a computer, and key board. The building is 10x10, and sits on a grey 16x16 plate. On the wall behind the counter there are also two different news papers. The set comes with three minifigures, two customers, and a server. I edited the words "Coffee Cafe onto the building, but maybe this can be made as a sticker.


I think this would make a good set, because it is simple yet, unique, and could quite possibly be a good part of a scene, something I know I would make out of it. I think the drive through window adds to the uniqueness of the set. I could easily see all of your Lego minifigures buying their "Over priced coffee" from here.

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