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Mini Modular Hospital Building


The pieces

By my count there are 210 parts that make up this model. There are some changes which could be made to bring down the part count (such as using a 8x8 tile on the bottom instead of 2 4x8 tiles) but overall I am happy with the current pieces used. This includes the ambulance and helicopter. 

105 white and trans clear parts

In the upper left are 3 stacks of 10 1x1 trans clear square plates which are used for the windows on the second and third floor. In case it is difficult to tell in this photo, all eight standing up 1x2 white bricks on the lower right are profile bricks.

next we have 105 non-white pieces

For the 3 "telescope" pieces, 2 are brown (tree trunks) and 1 is black (lamp post). The small colorful plates on the upper left go with the  windows on the second and third floor. I decided to add subtle hints of color in different "wings" of the hospital, but you can use whatever colors you prefer for those. The bottom 2 red tiles are trans red (for ambulance and helicopter emergency lights).

These are the parts for my final version of the hospital, so it has the printed panels instead of the colored plus signs. 

This should help anyone who wants to make a hospital of their own. Thanks for Supporting, Following and reading.


Third Floor

Here is the upper floor

The "star of life" side panels fit into the "Door Rail" plates, but because of the alignment of side attachment bricks there is a gap in the blue ceiling plates. 

I know that for many the "plus sign" was their favorite feature so below I have both options of facade shown

If using a tile facade then a plate goes under the round opening technic brick, If doing a "plus sign" facade then a white plate goes on top of the "plus sign" technic brick


Second Floor

I am actually going to start with a picture of the underside of the floor to make it easier to see how it is put together. The underside of the second and third floors are the same.


Then we have the interior of the second floor. Again I have included a panel piece to create interior "hallways".

So that is the second floor. Next up third floor


Letting you in on the ground floor

For this months update I thought I would show the hospital with just the ground floor built.

It is not made to come apart, but this will give an idea of the internal structure of the model.


The 2x2 round trans clear brick represents a revolving door. The tan corner panel piece on the inside creates hallways on the interior, so if you look through the windows it is not all an open empty space. Where the entrance ramp meets the sidewalk I originally had yellow 1x1 tiles to represent a "loading zone" but found the contrast too strong, so I changed them to tan 1x1 tiles.

So that is the first floor. If you like what I've done please comment, support and follow. Thank You.


A New Roof

For this month’s update, I have redone the roof.

On the previous roof there was some minor greebling to indicate rooftop machinery

However with the addition of a helicopter last month, rooftop access was needed, and while the helicopter could fit on the roof, it was a bit tight. So I worked on opening up more space on the roof, and adding a doorway.

I replaced the gray perimeter tiles, on the back with white 1 x 2 x 1 panels, and on the front with white 1 x 2 x 2/3 slopes to open up space on the roof. I took out the grill modified brick, and put in an erling brick (back side out) to be the rooftop access.

This does now give me more room for the helicopter.

As I mentioned in the comments, I will be at BrickFair in Chantilly, VA and the Updated Mini Modular Hospital will be on display there.


A New Design Solution

As I mentioned in May, the red plus sign is reserved for use by military medical groups and the International Red Cross. However it was also used for civilian hospitals and ambulances for many years, until the IRC started to complain sometime in the 1970's. Lego toys continued to use “red cross” symbols on ambulances as recently as 1988 (6356: "Med-Star Rescue Plane").

The “Star of Life” (a blue asterisk, with a snake curled around a staff) symbol was first introduced in 1967 by the AMA, and was adopted by civilian hospitals and ambulances in the United States in the 1970’s and 80’s. In 1994, with set 6666: "Ambulance", Lego started to use the “Star of Life” symbol. In some sets it was included as a sticker, in other sets it was included as a print.

I have found two official 2x2 white tiles with the “Star of Life” symbol printed on them, and redesigned the hospital to replace the “plus sign” on the sides.

Please make a comment to let me know what you think of the change, and Support & Follow if you like it.


A New Feature!

This is an update I am really excited about. I am adding a new feature to the design. Something that it was missing before, a Medevac Helicopter.  The reason I didn’t include one in the original proposal is that I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to come up with a nice original design. So I took some time to think about it and have come up with something I am happy with:

I was concerned with matching the scale of the ambulance, and with it fitting on top of the hospital building, as well as having sufficient detail. Here it is next to the ambulance:

And here it is on top of the hospital building:

This vehicle uses 11 pieces so it brings the part count for this project from a little under 200 to just over 200. You can see the bricks I used here:

If you like my Mini Medevac Helicopter please Support and Follow my Mini Modular Hospital Building project. Thank you.


A Design Setback

This update contains some disappointing news (for me at least).

I have done some research, and it turns out that the most popular feature of my build (a "red plus sign" on a white field) is restricted intellectual property. Only military medical facilities (including chaplains) or The International Red Cross are supposed to use it according to the Geneva Convention. Lego has used a "red plus sign" on Hospitals and Ambulances in the past, but not since the mid 1970's.

As an immediate change I have updated the "plus signs" on the side walls to blue, and the symbol on the roof to a red "H" for hospital.


Ambulance Update

As I said in the comments, I will be posting updates with pictures each month. It won't always be this early in the month, but this was a convenient time to do it, so here it is.For the first update I'll be including some alternate designs for the Ambulance.

First we have a close up of the original design. A standard Mini Modular van, with a red stripe on the side and a 1x1 square red translucent tile for the emergency light. 


For a minor change I decided to try the red stripe in a different place, and using a 1x1 square red translucent plate, so that the stud represents the emergency light 

Next I decided to try something a bit more elaborate, with the red marking on the side in the shape of a plus sign, and the emergency light in the center of the van's roof.

I wasn't happy with the emergency light being that far back, so next I tried moving it forward, and this time I used a 1x1 round red translucent tile for the emergency light.

I also tried reversing the colors so that we have a white plus sign on a red background

And finally for a real change of pace I made up a an ambulance with a British color scheme (yellow and green check pattern with a blue emergency light)

Please let me know what you think of the alternate ambulance designs.




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