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Star Wars Award Ceremony


Who doesn't love the iconic moment when Han Solo and Luke Skywalker receive their reward for rescuing Princess Leia in Star Wars A New Hope.Well who wouldn't want this wonderful scene.on your own shelf!With this set,you can recreate that wonderful scene.This set would include six rebel soldiers and Han,Luke,Leia,Chewbacca,C3po,R2-D2,and that old man who know on know the name of.Not many features are included,two sliding doors will be included at the doorway, above Princess Leia there would be a light up brick to brinch that shining light like in the movie.There would also be six spinning slates where the soldiers are standing so as the heroes walk down the hall,they can turn and follow them.This being really more of a display item,you also get special versions of each minifigure,except for Chewie.

I think any Star Wars collector would love this amazing set to go with their collection.Please vote and comment what you think!It has always been my dream to have MY lego set in stores!Please help my dream come true!

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