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Modular Toy Store


The Modular Toy Store includes a Bakery and Toy Store on the first floor, a library and small bathroom on the second floor, and an apartment on the third floor. My goal was to create an amazing looking model that possesses some interesting techniques and attributes. The piece count is about 2,100 and the build will be filled with pleasure when it hopefully becomes an official Lego Set.

Jo's Bakery has a nice brick built sign that Minifigures seem to love. It also features a counter with some treats, a cash register for paying for the baked goods, a large refrigerator filled with drinks for happy customers. Towards the back of Jo's Bakery, there is a staircase that leads up to the second level. On the other side of the first floor, the Toy Store is filled with many delights for kids and the occasional adult. Back behind the Bakery and Toy Store, there is a nice lamp, trash can, and recycling bin. The staircase from Jo's Bakery leads up to the second floor which contains a bathroom and stairs leading up to the third floor on one side, and a library on the other. The Library has an intricate bookshelves, and a desk for the librarian. Following the stairs up to the third floor, there is a very nice apartment for one lucky Minifigure. The apartment has a kitchen with an oven, stove, and refrigerator. It also contains a bed with a nice dresser, and in one corner of the apartment, a fireplace to keep warm. The roofs for both places are amazing, and the roof over the library has a skylight. 

I hope you enjoy the Modular Toy store!

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