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Frozen Throne of the Yeti


At the top of the Himalayas, where snow storms rage and the frost bites, there is a frozen throne. Made of snow, ice and frost crystals it is from here the yeti rules his kingdom. His crown hangs from the ceiling, attached to a pillar of ice so he doesn't loose or break it. He loves ice lollies which he makes from real ice he finds and will sometimes make snow cones, but never with yellow snow...

This would make a good set because it is small and easy to build. This means it would be cheap and lots of people could afford it. It is also not like any existing sets and is different to what people own already.

Sorry that some of the white bricks are a bit dirty as I didn't have enough that were perfectly white but if this set is turned into an official product then all the bricks would be new so please don't let the fact they're dirty prevent you from supporting this. Also if there's anything I can do to improve this project please comment. 

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