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501st series


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This is my 501st series based on the 501st legion of clone troopers from Star Wars. I have created a bunch of vehicles and characters in blue 501st armour. Please support if you believe the 501st legion should have a bigger range in Lego Star Wars. Thanks

Note: If Lego were to produce these sets the characters would be different as the character number is based on the space on or in the vehicle.

A 501st AT-TE (All Terrain Tactical Enforcer)
characters: Luminara Unduli, Mace Windu, 1 501st gunner (orange), 1 501st sergeant (green) and 4 501st soldiers

A 501st republic cruiser (right)
characters: 2 republic officers, 1 501st commander and 8 501st soldiers
A 501st UTAT (Unstable Terrain Artillery Transport) left
characters: 3 501st soldiers, 1 501st pilot and Ki adi mundi

A 501st ARC-170 and a 501st republic fighter tank
ARC-170 characters: 3 501st pilots
Republic fighter tank characters: 1 501st gunner and 2 501st soldiers

A 501st AT-OT (All Terrain Open Transport)
characters: 1 501st captain (red), 1 501st sergeant (green), 1 501st lieutenant (darker blue) and 16 501st soldiers

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