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Denmark 2014: Eurovision in LEGO

Saturday, May 18, 2013. The lights were dimmed in Malmo and across europe as the 58th annual Eurovision Song Contest was decided. The race was close, closer than it had been in half a decade. At last, a clear winner was found in... DENMARK!

I love lego, and I love Eurovision. I'm sure a lot of people do, and now that Denmark has won the right to host the contest in 2014, it's time that the world's favourite toy had a chance to join in the celebrations.

Now how do we unite the lasting appeal of LEGO with the momentary glory of Eurovision? There are many possibilities, but the one I'm sure would have the most appeal is; Collectible Eurovision minifigures!

Just think about it! a collection of Eurovision greats both past and present, immortalised in plastic forevermore! The bright costumes that Eurovision is famous for are just begging to be made in lego form, from the monstrous regalia of Mr. Lordi to the vibrant gowns of Buranovskiye Babushki. A uniquely Danish addition to the archives of Eurovision history! What say you?

Fans of Eurovision, I'm calling on you to make this a reality. Even if you yourself aren't a fan of lego, please spread this idea to all of your Eurovision-loving friends while we're still recovering from Sweden's excellent Smörgåsbord. The more support this can gain in these crucial stages, the more likely this is to become a reality in time for DENMARK 2014!

With regards from Australia,

Camachri (mad fan of Eurovision and lego)

Hello Europe! This is Australia calling. To keep this project fresh and fun, I will sketch various eurovision acts both past and present in their possible lego forms. We start with the gorgeous Emmelie de Forest of Denmark, winner of the 2013 contest, and Cezar Ouatu of Romania, one of 2013's most memorable acts. As this project reaches the following milestones, more sketches will be uploaded. Enjoy!

100 supporters: ??? (consider this a "free" pass.)
200 supporters: ???
300 supporters: ???
500 supporters: ???
700 supporters: ???
1 000 supporters: ???
1 500 supporters: ???
2 500 supporters: ???
3 000 supporters: ???
4 000 supporters: ???
5 000 supporters: ???
6 000 supporters: ???
7 500 supporters: ???
9 000 supporters: ???
The big 10 000 : ???

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