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Lonely Birthday


Happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday to me.

Happy birthday to me.

Today, I write a birthday card to myself.

Today, I buy a birthday cake to myself.

Today, I sing a birthday song to myself.

Today, I give a birthday present to myself.

Today is my birthday.

No one remember today is my birthday.


This sad/interesting set includes:

  • a minifigure (a painter/young man).
  • 3 animals (a brown cat, white dog and a rat).
  • a birthday card, birthday cake and a birthday present.
  • a ballon and a painter roller (for the painter/young man).
  • an orange juice, lunch box, 2 bottled drinks, breakfast cereal, chocolate milk and a cat food (on the shelf).
  • a pizza, magazine, 2 comics and a newspaper (on the 2 cupboards).
  • a cup drink and a canned drink (on the ground).
  • a portrait and a dartboard (on the inner wall).
  • 3 advertisements and a warrant (on the outer wall).

I hope that all of you will like this little set.

Thank you.

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