Product Idea

Looney Tunes Classics (with Minifigures)

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Why I Built this Product Idea
When I was younger, I used to watch the classic Looney Tunes cartoons. They always stood out to me for being inventive, colorful, a good time, and absolutely hilarious. I also remember that when I was watching the classic cartoons that I really wanted a Looney Tunes LEGO Set to recreate funny scenes and also to come up with new ones of my own. For this reason, I have decided to submit this Product Idea, a Looney Tunes build, that I hope you will help me support so that you can recreate and come up with Looney Tunes scenes of your own.

How I Chose What to Build
Before even building this concept, I knew that I wanted to make it as playable as possible. I also knew that I wanted to give the build the episodic feeling of classic Looney Tunes. And that, in order to keep that episodic feeling, I would have to include different kinds of builds based on different Looney Tunes episodes. After going back to the classic Looney Tunes, I settled on three classic cartoon shorts: "Rabbit Fire", "Bugs Bunny Rides Again", and "Haredevil Hare". I think that the cartoon shorts that I chose to build from are the golden standard when it comes to Looney Tunes. For this reason, this Product Idea consists of three different locations, each from one of the three cartoon shorts.

The Build
The "Rabbit Fire" cartoon, as you may know, has Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Dafty Duck battling it out in a forest setting in a hilarious fashion. This first section of this Product Idea includes three minifigures: Bugs Bunny with his carrot, Elmer Fudd with his rifle, and Dafty Duck. I built the the section of the forest where Bugs Bunny lives. This section includes three trees and Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole. Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole can be opened and serves the practical use of being able to store all the accessories of the complete Product Idea inside of it. Beside the rabbit hole is Bugs Bunny's mail box that is also featured in the cartoon. The footprints that Dafty Duck makes are also included. One of the trees is specifically built to hold the Rabbit Season poster and to also make it easy to take it off and switch it out with either the Duck Season or Elmer Season posters. The "Rabbit Fire" section of this build includes eight accessories: Bugs Bunny's carrot, Elmer Fudd's rifle, "1000 Ways to Cook a Rabbit" book, "1000 Ways to Cook a Duck" book, Rabbit, Duck, and Elmer Season posters, and a hammer to put up the posters.

The "Bugs Bunny Rides Again" cartoon has Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam fighting in the wild west over who should stay in town. This middle section of the build includes four minifigures: Yosemite Sam and the three cowboys that are first seen in the Gunshot Saloon. The build of this section is the saloon and the red rock that begins the horse chase, as well as the horses in the chase. The saloon's interior includes two tables, the bar's serving area, a lamp (as featured in the cartoon), a piano, and a canister at the saloon's entrance. The saloon's accessories are playing cards and the kicked over piano stool. The red rock also included in this build was seen in the cartoon. Bugs Bunny ran behind it and came out of it riding a horse with a red saddle. Yosemite Sam did the same and came out with a smaller horse. It was a funny gag but is also very playable which is why I included it. 

The "Haredevil Hare" cartoon has Bugs Bunny trying to stop Marvin the Martian and his dog, K-9, from blowing up the Earth. The last section of this Product Idea includes two characters: Marvin the Martian with his Disintegrating Pistol and K-9. The build is of the moon's surface with all of its craters and rocks. The build also includes the space scooter that Bugs Bunny uses, complete with a bucket to hold the Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator. The accessories for this last section include the Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator, Bugs Bunny's walkie-talkie, and Marvin the Martian's trumpet.

This Product Idea is meant to be a love letter to Looney Tunes. This is the best that I could do with the resources that I have available. If this project gets to the 10,000 supporters threshold and if LEGO gives it the greenlight, they will, without a doubt, make the design and details better. So please support this project. Thank you!