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Deep Sea Treasure Hunters - The Game


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A group of explorers hoping to get rich quick have located some undersea ruins and the race is on to recover the treasures.  They share the boat, but it’s every diver for himself/herself.  The problem is the good stuff is deep and every diver knows you have a limited amount of time down there before the pressure gets you.  Loot in hand, trekking back to the ship, you’ll be working hard and time will just fly by.  Everyone knows the saying; and what could be more fun than getting rich.  Don’t worry, the rescue sub is standing by, ready to pick you up if you run out of time and physically can’t make it back.  Unfortunately, the rescue sub doesn’t have room for you and your fortune so something is going back to the bottom.  The ship’s crew will be more than happy to put you in their decompression chamber and patch you up for the next dive.  It’s a good thing you can do three dives today; you still owe the ship's crew money.  Will you push your luck and go deep or stay shallow, either way the dive clock is ticking. . .

This is a game for two to six players, ages 8 and up.  Playing time is approximately 30 minutes.  The object is to collect treasure tiles and have the most points at the completion of three dives.  The trick is getting back to the ship before your dive time runs out, and watch out for the sharks.  Dice are used for movement.

Some may recognize this as a Lego version of Deep Sea Adventure by Oink Games with a few changes.  The original is a pocket-sized game and I did this to add some more visual appeal and enrich the theme.  If you like push your luck type games and the Lego deep sea theme, this is for you.

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