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Medieval House


A medieval house done in the usual style of modular buildings, so each one can be removed individually and there is the potential to add more levels as you wish.

On the ground floor, there's a small kitchen (fire), and a bit of storage, including space for our minifigure's sword and pitchfork - handy for dealing with any marauding vampires.

On the upper floor, there's a comfortable bed, wardrobe and a couple of comforts.

In the attic, there are a couple of boxes, some kegs of ale and a bit of a bat infestation.


I thought it was very important when doing a medieval wattle and daub style building to get the diagonal beams in line with the rest of the wall - a lot of these that you see it just looks like planks are stuck to the outside so I've gone to great lengths to make that happen here (seriously, the upper floor walls are fiddly).