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U.S. Postal Station and Truck


Welcome to the Postal Station. This set features everything a typical Postal Station would. There is a mail box in the front. Inside, there are many features. There is a rack with different size boxes and envelopes. After you choose your box, you can go check out at the desk. In the back, there are P.O. boxes. This set also features a standard U.S. Postal truck. It can be used to take packages to other Postal Stations or bring mail to the P.O. boxes. The truck also features a rear hatch. Outside, the building stays true to the U.S. Postal Services colors. Both building and truck are white with red and blue stripes. The roof of the building shows modern architecture. This set includes three mini figures a mail truck driver, a mail woman, and one customer.

This set would sell for about $45 US currency based on parts.

Thanks for the support. Let's get to 10,000!