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Lego Landscapes: Woodland Ideas


Lego seems to be lacking basic landscaping packs and bundles that people can use to further populate areas or create their own biomes for Lego Cities and environments. This is the first of my Landscaping ideas packs. The idea behind these packs is that they will be relitively affordable and people may well buy multiple of them to populate areas Their are no minifigures in these sets however I decided it would be a good idea to include some critters to add a little more depth to the scenes. 

Included in the Woodland Pack:
- 1 Large White Blossoming Tree
- 1 Large Red Blossoming Tree
- 1 Rock
- 1 Ant Mound
- 3 Ants
- 1 Owl
- 1 Bird
- Several Flowers and Leafy plants

All of this is contained within one accessable and very easy to modify pack.
Set includes 240 Bricks and therefore would sit around the £10-15 price range.

More set ideas to come.