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Listening the Skies: Radiotelescope and Radioastronomy Research Centre


Hi everybody,

I would really like to show you my project: the Radiotelescope and Radioastronomy Research Center.

This project started with the idea of constructing a Radiotelescope, which should bring realism to your city and give the impression that it is strongly and effectively committed to Science. But, in order to accomplish this, there had to be a Radioastronomy Research Center, with scientists and engineers working on different research projects. Therefore, I added the "Radioastronomy Research Center". Finally, I thought that it would be nice to have the Radiotelescope "controlled" from the Research Center and, therefore, I added a mechanism to make the former rotate around its vertical axis when a crank is rotated at the top of the latter. 

The Radiotelescope counts 350 pieces; the first two images display two of them in order to provide you more views of it. The Research Center comprises 1076 pieces (almost 100 of them are "books" stored in their shelves). The horizontal section of the mechanism responsible for the rotation of the Radiotelescope counts approximately 120 pieces, including the trees used to reduce the visual impact of it (other options would be possible for this, but this one was the simpler).

Please browse all the pictures in order to see the nice details of this project. And please support this project by voting and sharing it.

Thank you.