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There are many Star Wars ships that haven't been given the LEGO treatment. My personal favorite is the Outrider! Even though the original story behind the ship may not be canon, the ship itself still is. It is briefly seen in the newer versions of "A New Hope" and another ship of it's class will soon be on the small screen in "Star Wars: Rebels". This is still a popular ship within the Star Wars community, and one I think would look great next to any Millenium Falcon set. I think that many other fans would love to see it as a LEGO Ideas set.

This project features multiple play functions such as an opening top, two moveable turrets, and full interior with multiple details. If I were to design this as a set, all of these features would be in the equation. I would also be open to the possibility of the set becoming the new ship from Season 3 of "Star Wars: Rebels" as well. Thanks for your support!

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