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Frozen_Kristoff's sled

This is my first version of Kristoff's sled; From the movie Frozen. It includes poor versions of Anna and Kristoff, Kristoff's Sled, trees, wolves and Sven. Unfortunately I could not find a reindeer, so used a cow instead, and I could not find any minidolls, so I used minifigures instead, so please don't criticize.

It was a challenge to find the elements that I needed to complete this model, and I ruined a whole sled, due to the fact that I didn't pay close enough attention to it in the movie. This is actually my second version, but this is the first version I have posted "to LEGO Ideas".

I also had trouble trying out different Ideas, like Sven, for example. I couldn't find a reindeer anywhere or find anything that looked like a reindeer.


If you like it Please support. :)

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