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Recovery van and Mini

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Orange long style Recovery Van with Mini Cooper (Boy/ Girl Racer Style).
the Van is in the style of modern day recovery i.e. fix at the side of the road or toe you away if you cannot be fixed at the side of the road.
The van has a rear opening door upwards and two sliding doors, the inside of the van has a tool cabinet and the toe bar trolly to pull a car.

The van is mainly orange with white lower detail, it has a rear light bar like modern vans, it is right hand drive i.e. UK style, it comes with one recovery man.

To the left Mini Cooper style of car (the broken down car.) to the right front of the Recovery van.

As the car cant be fixed its had to be toed away
Both Vehicles are 6 studs wide then with the wing mirrors they are 8 wide the van is 18 studs long and 7 bricks high. the mini is 14 long and 5 brick high. The Mini is lowerd so it has very little ground clearance i.e. Boy/ Girl racer style.

The van could be in LEGO Octan Styled Colors i just like orange so i made it in orange.
I would put the set at about £25 and for ages 6+