GAT X-105 Strike Gundam

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Stands about 14" tall.
1529 pieces with rifle and shield and knives
Cockpit door opens and fits a minifig inside

Points of articulation:

1. Head module is on a pneumatic t-bone joint and can rotate 360 degrees and pivot forwards and back 45 degrees

2. Shoulder modules are mounted on universal ball-and-socket joints and can pivot freely in all directions

3. Shoulder armor modules are mounted on technic pins connected to the ball joint socket assemblies and can move independently of the shoulder joint

4. The striker pack brackets on the shoulder armor can pivot open 90 degrees

5. The elbow joints each have two points of articulation using pneumatic t-bones, and also have 360 degrees rotation. The elbow junction can bend nearly 180 degrees

6. The wrist and hand assemblies have wrists mounted on pneumatic t-bones and can rotate 360 degrees and can pivot forwards 90 degrees and backwards 45 degrees.

7. Each hand module has three fingers and a thumb that can move independently of one another

8. The torso module has an opening cockpit door that can pivot 90 degrees on a hinge brick

9. The waist module is connected to the torso module via a long technic pin and technic brick connection and can rotate freely 360 degrees

10. The six skirt armor plates are mounted on hinge brick connections and can pivot up and down nearly 90 degrees. The front and back skirts can also pivot sideways nearly 45 degrees and the side skirts can pivot nearly 360 degrees

11. Each side skirt armor features a hinge that conceals a hidden compartment. The door on the hinge can open nearly 180 degrees

12. The hip assembly is made up of universal ball and socket joints and can pivot freely in nearly all directions. The legs can pivot sideways and front and back nearly 180 degrees, effectively allowing the model to "do the splits"

13. The knee modules are mounted on a pair of "click brick" assemblies that allow them to pivot 90 degrees. Combined, they allow the model's legs to bend fully 180 degrees at the knees. A hidden joint assembly in the knee module causes a hidden hydraulic piston to be revealed on the front of the leg when the knee is bent more than 90 degrees

14. The ankle modules are mounted on universal ball and socket assemblies and have a free range of motion

15. The ankle armor is mounted on a technic pin and brick connection that is attached directly to the ankle joint. It can pivot upwards and downwards nearly 45 degrees

16. The food modules feature a "click brick" mounted joint that allows the front portion of the foot (the "toe") to pivot forwards nearly 90 degrees

Total points of articulation:

58 (counting fingers and different axes of motion)

Play features:

-Knee armor automatically shifts when the knee is bent, revealing a hidden piston
-Striker pack brackets on the shoulders open to allow for upgrades to be installed
-Compartments on the side skirts open to store Armor Schneider knives
-Cockpit door opens to fit a minifigure
-Hard points on the rear of the model to add your own striker packs!

Front of model

Right side of model (with shield and rifle equipped)

Rear of Model

Due to its high amount of stability and articulation, the model is capable of dynamic poses such as this.