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NES Game Console


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Introducing everyone's favourite 8-bit video game console, the Nintendo Entertainment System! This is an 829 piece Lego version of the NES, featuring two controllers that can be plugged into the console, a game cartridge which can be inserted into the working cartridge slot and removable pieces that allow access to the interior circuit board. An official version of this would feature stickers on the controller for the buttons. (Start, select, A, B) It would also feature the Nintendo logo on the console and stickers for the switchable cartridges tiles to represent popular NES games like Super Mario bros. and The Legend of Zelda.

I built this because I think there should be more licensed themes about video games. This would make a great set because it would capture all the details of an earlier generation game console and give you the feeling of owning the real thing.

Check out the extra pictures for more detail.

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