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Tesla Line Up


Tesla Motors is currently one of the fastest growing car companies. With their sleek and futuristic designs, as well as a smaller environmental impact, you can see why these cars are popular. The vision behind these cars is to make electric cars affordable for the masses. My Idea is to make an even cheaper electric car that a young creative mind can drive. 

May I introduce you to the Tesla line up; the model X, S, 3, and Y. These fully electric cars are now represented in a buildable model.

My Idea includes the following components:
•White Model X
•Red Model S
•Blue Model 3
•Black Model Y
•A supercharging station with enough slots for the four vehicles to charge
•And a Tesla sign to complete the display

Being fully electric, these cars are a great beacon of sustainability. The LEGO Group has recently put an emphasis on going green. New elements made from plants and sustainable factories are both great steps toward a cleaner and brighter future. A set containing electric vehicles would fit right in with these steps.

Electric cars are an exciting topic for me. My dream car is a Tesla, and I've made these cars to represent that. My favorite feature of these model cars is that without any special pieces they make the same sound as the original electric car. It was a really tough feature that took me years to perfect, but the realism was worth the effort.

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