Product Idea

Roman Aqueduct


Thank for stopping by, please dont be turned away by the fact that its a digital creation, now then what is this project and why should you care?

Well this is a microscale build of roman aqueduct, i recently fell in love with the city scapes and famous landmarks Lego have created and would really love to see some of these wonders get some much needed love.

One of my goals is too show younger people some of the world most beautiful and awe inspiring places and give children the opportunity to learn in more creative and stimulating ways, and Lego is a fantastic platform for this.

Why Microscale? 

- well minifig scale would be, well huge, and microscale allows this build to fit on a shelf, desk or other display areas.

Wont you loose a lot of detail? 

- well yes naturally but just because its small doesnt mean it cant be detailed, i fell like i managed to capture the important details which effect the overall silhouette

Why wonders of the world?

- they are wonders! being able to preserve them by any means is a must 

I have no doubt that if this gains traction and support i will do the other wonders of the world so there will be a complete collection