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Space Pirates Captain Harlock's Arcadia


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Here we have my version of Captain Harlock's famous Arcadia at 1776 pieces, 72 studs long versus 16 studs wide, VERY compact. I estimate about two feet in length. A very low piece count in my opinion, for a ship that full size is 400 meters in length. 

This ship should need little introduction for fans of anime, as space pirate Captain Harlock and the Arcadia have become a cult classic over the years. It is the brain child of Leiji Matsumoto, who has a well established reputation in anime. Some think this is the best looking ship design ever created, and if not the best, it rates right up there with many fans of the series.

In a distant future the captain and his crew look to escape a dying over populated earth, and the restraints of the government of their time. Their one main goal- FREEDOM.

The series has several different ship designs, this being a smaller very compact version of a battle cruiser. I took a little somthing from all I could find on this ship and ships for the series. It is roughly 72 studs long and 16 studs wide, again very short and compact smaller scale build, no mini figures. 

In the original show, my design above would be closest to the green version.


Space Battleship


Tochiro Oyama designed this on his death bed for his friend Captain Harlock.

Total Length


Overall Width




Propulsion Engine

Dimensional Vibration Fluid Gravity Engine x2
Particle Energy Engine

Number of Occupants



Captain Harlock


Space Fighter SW-190 Space Wolf, Medium Sized High-Speed Transport Carrier Cosmo Wing, Boreto No. 1-6, Space Trailer, Small Boat, and an Underwater submarine


All six turrets on this design rotate, including the missile box behind the main two turrets.

1. Twin pulsar cannons on top, two on side and one on the bottom.

2.Rapid fire guns and freezing gas harpoons are mounted close to the bridge designed to stave off enemy fighters.

3. Battle ram feature for upclose combat.

4. Missile launchers.

5.Anti aircraft beam turret.

6.Anti ship depth charges.

7.Combat anchor tubes for ship transfer in close quarter combat.



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