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Micro Space Classics 1979-1989


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Older fans of Lego will remember the period 1979 - 1989 with fondness as the heyday of Lego Space.

Now new and old fans can enjoy these classics without spending a fortune. Based on Lego's Star Wars Microfighter concept, these sets recapture the fun and inventiveness of Lego Space.

Four spaceships and four vehicles form a mini-armada - small enough to tuck away or populate your desk when not being swooshed.

Best of all, they retain much of the playability of their larger, older cousins - legs move, wheels turn, cockpits separate, there's even a light brick tucked in there! See the gallery of images for all the play functions.

Thanks for reading! I hope you like these and with your vote, we can re-boot these (slightly downsized!) classics.

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