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Minifigure Chess Set

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Hello fellow LEGO fans!

If you like chess, you would absolutely love this LEGO CUUSOO project!
Each minifigure has a unique metallic LEGO piece.
The kings and queens include unique gold pieces and a 2x2 golden roof tile to stand on to simulate their royalty.
Each side has unified colors, but they share medium stone gray.
WHITE SIDE: White, Light Stone Gray, Medium Stone Gray, Silver Metallic, and Metalized Gold.

BLACK SIDE: Black, Dark Stone Gray, Medium Stone Gray, Titanium Metallic, and Warm Gold.

Kings & Queens:

Bishops and Knights

The knights have a roman soldier helmet.

Rooks and Pawns

The rooks have a special silver/titanium colored microfigure in the turret.

The pawns have short pants.

If this becomes an official set, can you put a white/black face on the microfigures in the rook towers?

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