Product Idea

Sweet Trabi

This compact car from the German Democratic Republic was loved and hated, and the motorists from East Germany had to stand in queue for 12 years in order to get this car, but after they have finally received it, this little guy stayed with them forever. After the fall of the Berlin Wall almost none of the cars remained on the streets, but despite all the shortcomings, it is affectionately called "Trabi".

My model of this popular car from East Germany painted in classical dirty-white color. Trabi will fit perfectly into your collection of LEGO sets and will look good with the models of Volkswagen Beetle and Mini Cooper.

Number of parts: 1037 pcs.
Length: 248 mm, 31 studs.
Width: 104 mm, 13 studs (with the bumper: 120 mm, 15 studs).
Height: 108 mm, 13,5 studs.
Wheelbase: 72 mm, 9 studs.


- Custom decals in the form of a speedometer, the keys on the dashboard, the logo of the Trabant and car numbers.
- Opening doors, hood and trunk.
- Detailed engine compartment.
- Detailed interior.

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