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Lego Tetris!


Beep beep beep. Oh hello there! I was just playing some Tetris. This is a Lego version of the classic video game Tetris. This set contains 24 playing pieces, 1 Tetris board, 1 piece container, and 265 bricks. If you ever liked Tetris, this set is for you. If you wanted to, you could make more Tetris bricks, making the game bigger. You play Tetris by putting all the pieces into the box and closing your eyes and picking a random piece, and putting it in the playing board. Repeat this process over and over, until you have used all the pieces. Get competitive and challenge others, and have a good time! Speaking of time, you should time yourself for say five seconds to put the piece in. Try more time for easier, and less time for harder.

I hope you all like it, and good luck on all your projects!


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