Lego The Lord of the Rings - Minas Morgul

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The dark Lord Sauron prepares for a war against Gondor. The Witchking of Angmar and Gothmog build up an army at Minas Morgul. Some messengers of Mordor's supporters Rhûn, Harad and Umbar visit the fortress to negotiate with the leaders of the dark army.

The Nazgûl captured Gollum and bring him to Minas Morgul to interrogate him and find out where the one ring is.

We collect Lego The Lord of the Rings and we would love to have a set of Minas Morgul. So we created one and hope you will like it too. The set consists of the dark fortress with two wallparts and the tower. Some of the wallbricks glow in the dark.

The tower includes the room where Gollum is captured, a room with the eight rings of men and a room with the Witchkings throne and his ring. There are also pictures of the nine king of men above the rings. The skull next to the throne glows in the dark.

Inside the wall are barrels, skulls, firestones for the catapults, a desk ....
There are two catapults to protect the fortress.

The tower is surrounded by a little wallpart.

The set includes 10 minifigs: The Witchking, two Nazgûl, Gothmog, two Orcs, a Corsair of Umbar, a Haradrim, an Easterling and Gollum. The set also includes a Fellbeast and a Warg. There is also a skeleton which glows in the dark.

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