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One Year and The End

And the oscar goes to all the good supporters. Thanks to the cinema lovers. Thanks thanks.

There is better oscar projects but mine was the first!!


No more oscar in my life.


Merry Melodies

And the Christmas Oscar goes to...


All the amazing Ideas users around the world.


Gold Rush

Support my new project:



Mega Sword

As Mega Power Arm,

Oscar wants the best weapons to fight against the bad actors.



When I submit a project I feel like I´m nominee, for example, in the Baftas. Then, when someone supports, I feel the winner. But when the project dies in the Desert of Ideas I feel all is a misunderstanding and they have given me a Razzie in the Worst Builder Category.

¿Don´t you feel the same?



I´ve surrounded to brickartist Oscar project. But I think my own Oscar must give him some gold transfusion right now if he wants to reach 10000 soon:

I know what you are thinking, my project needs also a good transfusion of supporters. Anyone?


And the Oscar goes to...

Not to me, that point is very clear.

We are bored to see the Old School Oscar trophy, WE NEED SOMETHING NEW!!!!

Neil Patrick with the new LEGO oscars, they will be sold out very soon.

Only a few of thousands of support...


So we can sing the LEGO song together...


Today is Justice Time!!!

Who deserves to win? What do you think? Today we´re going to see...

You can assemble your friends to watch the Oscars Ceremony at home in front your tv. You can make a contest "who´s gonna win". That one who guess more is the winner but "ops" you don´t have a trophy to give to the winner because you haven´t support the Lego Oscar. Now is time to support Oscar and his goldy academic friends,  the next year your oscar contest will be PERFECT!!!!!!

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