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Chu'untor- Jedi training vessel

Chu'untor was a vessel, were the jedi of the old republic trained.It was commanded by Yoda. Unfortunately, it crushed on Datomir, the world of Nightsisters, adepts of the dark side. There Yoda left jedi archives from Chu'untor. And he also gave a prophesy, tat a jedi will come, take the archives and free Datomir from the Nightsisters. A few centuries later Luke Skywalker came and made the prophesy true. He also rebuilt Chu'untor and used it.

Chu'untor was 2 kilometers long, 1 kilometer wide and at least 40 meters high. It had big corridors with high ceilings. The rooms in which the Jedi trained were mostly made of glass or had big windows. It was made for the jedi to see the stars and realize, that someday they will go and serve some of them.

This is my Lego model from top. It has only 69 pieces in it, but I think that the details are made good. Don't worry about it is asymmetric, it must be so.
The model may cost about 15$.

Here you can see the picture of the real Chu'untor.