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Mountain Rescue


When accidents happen on the mountain, this helicopter crew is ready to come to the rescue!

My goals for this build were to make a minifigure scale helicopter model that is evocative of alpine rescue helicopters like the Swiss Rega helicopter pictured here, and also sturdy and with good play value. I think this set meets these goals! In addition to the helicopter, the set includes three helicopter crew member minifigures (the pilot and two medics) and a skiier minifigure (maybe also hiker and mountain climber minifigures and a Lego rattlesnake?).

The helicopter includes jet intakes and exhausts, rescue hoist, opening front and rear doors, and landing and search lights. The cockpit includes the pilot's seat, control sticks and instrument panel. In the back there are seats for two crew member minifigures, the rescue stretcher and a rescued minifigure (the three minifigures and stretcher all fit nicely in the back with the doors fully closed). Minifigures easily attach to the rescue stretcher, and the stretcher easily attaches to the hoist, so injured minifigures can be hoisted up into the helicopter.

I think this set would be a great addition to the many excellent official Lego helicopter sets that have been released over the years, and would appeal to Lego builders of all ages. If you agree, please vote your support! Happy Lego building!