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Wrapping Paper Lego Set


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Gift-wrapping Lego Set
Ages 3-adult                    702 PIECES

            I am sure that you have had to wrap (or un-wrap) a Lego set before in your life, but have you ever thought of wrapping a Lego set IN another Lego set? "That's impossible" you might say. Well, it is impossible for every type of Lego set, but luckily Lego has boxes sized very similarly. This set is designed to fit your standard $24 Lego set, and is complete with an opening lid, smooth sides, top and bottom, and a ribbon and bow. This set includes many pieces that can be used for both building the set and free-building.

Some notes from the builder:

  • Do please note that this set is designed for a $24 set (10 & 1/8th inches by 7 & 3/8th inches) but it would also work for any set that is smaller than that.
  • Also, this set is not designed to go under a Christmas Tree because it is easy to open and close, so peeking would be a cinch for any kids.
  • I designed the set to look like the real thing, so you can actually see the ribbon pulling the wrapping paper down!

Thank you for considering this set, and I would really appreciate it if you would support me. So if you like it, please support this project. Thank you for reading this far, and have a nice day and week!

Thank You Very Much!

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