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Off Road Electric Wheelchair


I'd like to present my idea for a rugged electric wheelchair.

Being a wheelchair user myself I thought it I'd have a go at building one and after several less than satisfactory results I came up with this. It's not based on any wheelchair in particular so isn't what I'd call a pedigree, more a mongrel as it takes features from many wheelchairs I've owned over the years.

As presented the model uses Power Functions XL motor for drive and a Medium motor the rear wheel steering (although these could be replaced with a Medium motor for drive and Servo motor for the steering). The IR Receiver is built into the luggage box on the rear which swings away to allow the seat to tilt back giving access to the battery box. Like most electric wheelchairs the model has rear suspension.

The model has 579 parts as it is but over time I aim to refine it as ideas materialise. Pictures of any changes will be posted in Updates.

I would like to think this could be something that would appeal to a variety of age groups. Also, it could start a conversation that could help children understand and accept disability.

If you like this I'd really appreciate your support and your sharing it amongst friends and family.

Thank you for your interest.


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