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Citizen Rescue

The Citizen Rescue set is part of the new Time Defenders Product Collection. A glitched and corrupted army of robots is invading a city and can only be stopped by a brave group called "The Time Defenders." The Time Defenders team up with a scientist to create weaponry able defeat the TimeBots and save the local city and its citizens.

A giant Spider Mech is roaming the city capturing the local citizens, and the Time Defenders are called in to help. The pilot of the Time Defenders flies in to battle the Spider Mech, prevent further capture, and release any prisoners from his grasp. Will the Time Defenders' Helicopter have what it takes to stop the Spider Mech before it's too late?

This set is part of the new theme, Time Defenders, with 8 sets in all. I have uploaded all 8 sets to give you the chance to choose your favorite. Search TimeDefenders in the search box to see my other sets and discover more of the story behind the Time Defenders.

If you support this set, please also support the Time Defenders Theme project. Just search Time Defenders Theme to find it, or click on my username.

This is the Spider Mech, with its laser gun and capturing claw holding a citizen.

This is the Helicopter, with its twin laser guns.

This is the Citizens car, he can get captured out of it by the Spider Mech.

These are the Minifigs, 1 Time Defender and 1 Citizen.