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The Burrow (Remodeled Version)


The Burrow is an iconic item in the Harry Potter series, as it is the home of the Weasley family. This version includes details like a garden, Ron's attic bedroom, complete with a Chudley Cannons carpet, Mr. Weasley's study with a fireplace and Floo powder, a kitchen stocked with everything a wizarding family needs, including a magical broom, a chicken coop in the back, and much more. The Burrow also includes Scabbers, Ron's rat, Hedwig, Harry's owl, and Pigwideon, the Weasley family owl. The entire Weasley family, Harry, and Hermione are included, and all have wands. Ginny's room and Percy's rooms both have balconies as well. This is an incredibly detailed build, and great for anyone who loves the Harry Potter series.

  The reason we built this was because we wanted a challenge. We had seen pictures of The Burrow, watched all of the movies, and read all of the books, and we wanted to see if we could recreate the distinct Weasley style. The Weasley's are a poor family with seven kids, so their house is a little shabby, and all the rooms are tiny, but filled with character. the hardest part of building this was the walls. The Weasley's color scheme is an array of reds, browns, oranges, and dark greens, but we decided to make the walls a dark red, almost a burgundy, because that was the closest color to the walls in the movie and books. We had to make the walls look shabby but still Burrow-like, so we made pieces jutting out, and threw some brown in there, too. We attached some plants to the walls and also added brown pieces hanging down to look like loose shingles. The front door is a brown oak door, and we even put a small lock on the handle. The paths leading to the door and the one in the garden are curvy with some missing stones to look old. We made the gardens look a little overgrown but still well-kept, and the rooms are all filled with little pieces to really re-create the Weasley style that stands out so well against the rest of the wizarding families.     

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