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Say hello to the new Lego Portal set! This is my recreation of a destroyed room from the mind-bending video game, Portal 2. This set does not fall short when it comes to the detail put into it. The floor is covered with moss and grass, just like in Portal. Leaves on the walls add that old, falling apart effect to this set. However this set is all but falling apart. With two walls that are two studs thick, and connected by support in the front of it, this set is durable and will not fall down easily. With a giant opening in the front and a removable roof, this set allows easy accessibility.

Included in this set is Chell, the woman in the Portal games, along with her Portal Gun. She wears her orange suit and is ready to complete any Portal test thrown at her. Along with Chell, the set includes a hand-activated button and a cube activated button from the game (both of which are non-operational). Also, the floor panels on which Chell and the buttons stand on, are movable to create the effect of the building almost falling apart.

This set is great for anyone who enjoys Portal or just playing around. Even on display, this set would not disappoint. Please help support this creative and fun idea and put it in stores for everyone to enjoy!

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