Product Idea

Self-Serve Car Wash

Some car owners prefer to wash their own car instead of going to an automatic car wash facility. However, the "driveway hand wash" method not only scratches their car and decreases the vehicle's surface shine, but is absolutely horrible for the environment. 150-200 gallons of water are commonly used in the process, and chemicals used in the wash process enter the water supply. Despite the facts, many car owners feel that a hand wash is more satisfying and has no potential for damage.

Self-serve car washes allow car owners to wash their cars how they want without the environmental damage associated with driveway washes. They also allow customers to perform a touchless wash using high-pressure spray wands, apply high pressure wax, and focus on dirtier areas of their cars, unlike in an automated wash.

Many self-serve wash facilities, like the one included in the set, also feature an automatic wash bay for customers who prefer an automatic wash. To use the included automatic wash, park the car in the center of the wash bay and have the machine move over it with a variety of chemical applications, rinses, and friction (brush wash) passes.

Included in the set would be 2 self-serve wash bays with realistic equipment, an attached automatic wash bay with a realistic in-bay automatic wash system, 1-2 cars, and 2 minifigures (1 attendant, 2 customers).

With the self-serve car wash, you can wash your car how you like!