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Hexan Guardian Interceptor

The Guardian Interceptor is part of my Scifi Book that I have been trying to write for a number of years now. Title "Six Sides of Power", or in short (S.S.O.P). Graphic Novel or Chapter Book soon to hit the stores, well I have high Hopes. Anyway to give you a little back story on the ship.

The Guardian Interceptor was developed by the Guardians- hence the name. A very quick and deadly ship, the Interceptor was so highly developed that it needed 2 Guardian Pilots to command her power.

Armed with your Standard missiles and Blasters- you can think of better names for me. But the Guardians State of the Art weapons come from its underside. It's main propose is of course to keep the Interceptor elevated in mid-air. But when you combine this system with 3 or 4 and up Guardian Interceptors they form a circle pattern in space or in the atmosphere. When the ships get in this formation they are that more deadly. Channelling there power from each of there Interceptors underside to form a massive blast. Additive Firepower you could call it. This Massive weapon can breach through any blockage or right through the hull of a capital ship.

This is my Orginal Idea...

As you can see this Guardian Interceptor is very well equiped for battle and with that it needs 2 pilots to command. Tried to give you a good view of how the cockpit opens.

Here are just a few renderings of the ships in action. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

A few months back I started really trying to develop a Graphic Novel with these Pictures you see here. It's not much since I was experimenting with GIMP, a photoeditng program.

Here is the Epic battle scene of the Guardian Interceptors against a fleet of Scarab Fighters. I will be uploading those fighters as well soon.

Here is that example of the Interceptors Additive Fire Power that I explained up top. You will notice how the 3 Guardian Interceptors form a Circle formation. Once they form that formation, they can produce a massive blast that can pretty much take down anything they come across. But of course this formation is very hard to perform and again takes the best pilots to master.

Please stay tuned for more of my S.S.O.P creations in my corner of the Galaxy. It would be nice to get a new line of Scifi.

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