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Thunderbirds 1 & 2 Launch Bay


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The Thunderbirds is set in the future(2065) where ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy has founded a life saving organisation (International Rescue) whos mission is to save human lives from the perils of disaster. With a vast array of technology, Jeff Tracy heads a family of five sons (Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon and Alan) to manage a secret base located in the South Pacific ocean. The remote island (Tracy Island ) is home and headquaters for the Tracy family and International Rescue.

Cross - Section Model  

Functional Playable Model. 

Based on the original Thunderbirds TV series this micro scale version incorporates a detailed representation of the launch bay of Thunderbird 1 rocket plane, and the hanger of Thunderbird 2 transport carrier.

These two technological advanced machines Thunderbird 1 & 2 are piloted by Scott and Virgil and are the main responders to any callout of distress from all around the globe. Thunderbird 4 is a submersible utility vehicle (submarine) that is piloted by Gordon  and is usually launched from Thunderbird 2.

Thunderbird 1

Inside the luxury villa houses Thunderbird 1, a hypersonic rocket used for rescue and reconnaissance missions. As the rocket descends down to the launch bay, the pool retracts to reveal the rocket beneath. Then the rocket, Thunderbird 1 - Blasts off through the inner workings of the pool and into the air ready for what fast response is needed when disaster strikes.

Thunderbird 1 launch pad can be lowered down the slope by using the technic wheel and  re-aligns automatically in  horizontal placement to the launch site. The swimming pool can be retracted manually by sliding across , and the pool has been made slightly larger to allow for easy access.

Thunderbird 2

Thunderbird 2 is a supersonic aircraft carrier thats purpose is designed to transport rescue vehicles and equipment in detachable pod capsules. Each pod is capable of carrying a variety of vehicles such as Thunderbird 4 sub or the Mole tunnelling vehicle.

Thunderbird 2 awaits at the hanger for loading of the rescue vehicles into the pod carriers. Once a pod is selected, Thunderbird 2 descends down on its hydraulic arm ( as seen in the working mechanism of the model).  Thunderbird 2 is then ready to move onwards to launch off. Note this module only depicts the hanger of Thunderbird 2.

I would really like to see this model come into production as it would not only be a great display, but an enjoyable playable replica of the iconic TV series that has united everyone around the world.



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