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Vulture Dropship


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This is the Vulture Dropship.


After designing two Star Wars themed sets, I thought that it is time do design something that is completely new and not based on a blueprint or anything similar.

So I came up with creating a futuristic combat Dropship which I decided to call the VULTURE. My idea was to give it a unique style as well as giving the builder a maximum of freedom when playing with the model or also if just having it somewhere on display.


The model itself contains of various moving/rotating parts and parts which can be de- or attached to the ship just as liked best by the builder.

Moving/Rotating parts:

  • Engines
  • Turret
  • Rocket Pods
  • Wings

The whole cockpit section, with a detailed cockpit and a pilot minifigure can be completely detached and is used as a rescue pod.

The dropship has three docking stations underneath, where I will be adding something like a drop-pod, additional armament or maybe an unmanned drone in the future.


The set itself contains of the Vulture Dropship and a pilot minifigure – future extras to come!


The Vulture Dropship (currently – this might change with future updates) has approximately 1500 parts.


If you like the design, just vote for it! Any comments or suggestions are greatly welcome.


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