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Ultimate Multi-Car

I build a multifunctional car. But the car is not just a normal car. It consists of a helicopter and two motorbikes which can be stick together, so that it's a little car.
Let me explain the skeletal structur: 
- on the top of the car in the middle there is a removable helicopter with 4 cannons and hinged wings
- on each side of the middle car there is a motorbike which is also equipped with cannons. You can connect the two single motorbikes, so you receive a little car or a quad bike. 
- the middle car has secret compartment where you can hide some arms, food or other stuff. The car in the middle is also equipped with two cannons.
There is enough space for a LEGO figure in every vehicle.

I love LEGO so much since I'm a little child, so I hope that you like my multifunctional car. I spend a lot of time building it. I would be so thankful if you support me. You can also look at the pictures.

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